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aurora 2019 calendar

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Polar Lights 2019 Calendar
Like a thin curtain waft the red, green and blue veil on dark night sky. A natural phenomenon with such immense supernatural attraction that every viewer casts a spell has always been fascinated by the aurora people. Previously interpreted as spirits plant and harbinger of impending doom, we now know about the mystical magic about it. Today we know that they are created by eruptions on the Sun. Electrons but also protons - - It charged particles are produced and thrown into space: the so called solar wind. If these particles on the magnetic field of the earth, they bring in the upper layers of the atmosphere, the air molecules to glow. Aurora occurs mainly in the polar regions, because the solar wind particles are guided by the Earth's magnetic field to the magnetic poles. The great recordings of this calendar show the mystic polar light in all its fascinating forms.

12 outstanding photographs of auroras with image explanations
Format 70 x 57 cm, spiral binding, Edition Maritim

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