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"Cradle Ball" pendant by Taigakoru in Lapland

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"Cradle Ball" pendant by Taigakoru in Lapland  11mm

Cradle Ball ? Hallmarked silver jewellery was used to protect children in Lapland, the most important of which is the cradle ball called Komsiopallo. The komsio is a traditional cradle made from wood and reindeer hide that is used by the Sámi, where the child is well protected. The cradle ball was hung on the cradle, and the jingling sounds it made were ensured the goblins and hobgoblins didn?t take the child, as well as giving good fortune.

The Komsiopallo protects the carrier.

Taigakoru the famous Finnish silversmithing is in Lapland.

Scope of supply: 1 pendant "cradle ball"
size: 19 x 11mm
Finish: Silver 925

The chain is not included. However, it can be ordered in a variety of lengths to do so.

Curb chan 1mm width, 925 silver
38 cm witdth  product-nr. 11911

The natural rubber band is 3mm thick and has a silver fitting.
Color: Black
It is available in the following lengths:
38cm Item number: 11921
42cm Item number: 11922

Comes in a giftbox

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