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Flowering plants and ferns of Iceland

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Flowering plants and ferns of Iceland, one of the most popular classification books of the Icelandic flora, is now published in a new, largely extended edition. It contains all 465 Icelandic plant species, also the ones among them which have recently become domestic.
The book offers a detailed and concise description of all plant species of Iceland's flora along with information on their habitat, their distribution, their blooming periods and size. Each description of a plant is illustrated with a colour photo, a drawing and a distribution map which is based on latest information. The plants are arranged according to blossom colours and other conspicuous characteristics which are presented at the beginning with easy determination keys. This makes it easy to get to know and to determine the Icelandic flora - especially for the layman.

The author, Hörður Kristinsson, is DSc. of the University of Göttingen and has organised the mapping of the Icelandic flora and taken pictures of plants for almost 50 years. From 1977 to 1987, he was a Professor of Botany at the University of Reykjavik in Iceland and afterwards the Director of the Institute of National History in Akureyri until 1999. There, he acted as an expert for botany until his retirement in 2007.

Author: Von Hörður Kristinsson
Ausgabet 2010, reprint 2017
Softcover, 368 pages, size: 14,7 cm x 21,2 cm

English Edition

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German Edition "Die Blütenpflanzen und Farne Islands" - look at article no. 10746