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Pyhä Luosto - Outdoor Map 1:50.000 2017

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Pyhä Luosto - Outdoor Map 1:50.000 2017
The card provides you with a comprehensive, detailed overview of hiking and Nordic skiing, cycling, boat and canoe trips and snowmobile trails in the area Pyhä Luosto, which is located in the middle of Finland.
The Pyhä Luosto region covers approximately an area of Torvinen, Kairala, Pelkosenniemi, Vuostimo, Phyä, and Vuojärvi.

Legend contains:
Skiing route, Hiking, hiking and skiing route, illuminated route, mountain bike route, snowmobile route, canoe trail, nature trail, farm, meadow, forest, open land, swampy, wooded and open moor easily accessible or not accessible, bare rock, heap of stones, large stones, gravel pit, sand area, lookout tower, Gestrüp, streets, driveways, drive path, path, fence, gate, high-voltage line, mast, buildings, distances on the route, altitude lines 5, 20, steep slope, source, National Park, nature reserves, river width about 5m, river width 2-5m, Stream, under 2m width, depth contours, border, hotel, holiday village, picnic area, other accommodation, Hofunterbringung, Parking, Lapp hut, cabins, shelter, fire pits, fire pit, picnic area, fountains, bird tower, event providers, information boards, gas station, restaurants cafes, Business, Culture, marina, trailer ramp, well, spring, ski resort, beach, tourist info, tourist attractions, viewpoints etc.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, German, English, Russian

edition 2017
Format: open 98 x 67cm  / folded 10 x 22 cm , one-side