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TINN-PER handcast pewter bracelet "Runic Alphabet"

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Pewter Tin Bracelet by the famous Norwegian pewter production TINN-PER  

The Runic Alphabet is engraved on the bracelet, as it was believed to protect against supernatural forces or bring good luck.
The Rune inscriptions used on this bracelet were found during excavations near Bergen, Westnorway.

The design of the bracelet was inspired by the ornamental style of the Viking age between 800 - 1050 A.D.

Weight of the bracelet: approx. 80 g, diameter oval: 6cm x 7 cm
material: 93% Zinn - 7% Antimon
The size of the bracelet can be individually adjusted.

The design of the bracelet goes with the one of the ring "Kiss me, my darling", which is also available in our shop, as well as further TINN-PER jewellery with rune inscriptions.

The bracelet is packed in a 11 x 8.5 x 5.5 cm jewellery protecting box with a clear plastic protective cover and a RUNA - product description.
Shipment will be in an additional protecting cover.

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