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Simpert Reiter is the food manufacturer behind the successful brand

travellunch lightweight food – the traditional brand from Germany

The years of experience in the production of millions of meals can be found in each pouch of  travellunch lightweight food  ... a good meal where you go

during your adventure on the doorstep - on a long-haul journey - on cycling tours - on motorbike tours - on a mountain hike - on the high seas - on expeditions - on disaster operations - as a reserve at home

* high-quality dried food which has everything the body needs
* selectable between breakfast, main courses, desserts, soups, drinks, bars and much more
* successfully used worldwide on expeditions, trekking, outdoor, crisis calls and rescue operations
* over 100 dishes (also vegetarian) and supplements for every requirement and taste
* Preservative-free, bacteriologically safe, tasty and diversified
* convenient single or double servings, complete daily rations or dietary supplements
* balanced composition (carbohydrates, high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins)
* extremely light due to freeze-drying, storable for years without refrigeration

We also deliver small quantities. A DISCOUNT is granted at an order amount of 100 pieces.
Please feel free to send your order to We will send you an offer.

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