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TSL 418 up&down grip 2015/16 Snowshoes (dark grey)

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TSL 418  up&down grip 2015/16  Snowshoes
dark grey
This model are fitted with an Up&Down lift (TSL patent) to reduce the effects of walking uphill and downhill (the back of the binding passes under the frame to keep the foot flat and prevent it from pressing against the toe of the shoe). The Access binding allows you to put the snowshoe on quickly, precisely and comfortably, and it memorizes the size of your shoe. Finally, the 8 crampons, the front teeth and the grips under each foot provide maximum traction

- Hourglass shape : allows for easier stride when walking
- Design 3D : Maximum climbing and side-hill traction under the foot

- Size is adjusted with the base plate by sliding the rear part of the binding
  forward or backward.

- This new binding system incorporates is pre-tightening with two straps for a
  quick fit to your foot.
- The other tightening mode with the position-memory base plate will allow you
  to make a finer tightening adjustment and save it for your next use.

- Tightening through a ratchet system for a secure and fast fit
- Sound and Shock Absorbing System (SSAS)

- The Up & down system reduces the slope effect and improves walking
  comfort considerably.
  Going uphill : the device lifts the heel, relieves stress on the calf and provides
  maximum traction for each step.
  Normal position : On the flat, the binding articulation lets you walk in a
  comfortable and natural way.
  Downhil :the back of the binding goes under the deck in order to keep the
  foot flat, preventing the foot from jutting out at the front of the shoe.
With outstanding grip when walking uphill, downhill or on a slope
in all kinds of snow.
- Design 3D : Maximum climbing and side-hill traction under the foot
- Front teeth for maximum traction on steep terrain
- 6 + 2 replaceable steel crampons
- lateral continuous Grips for extra traction

Shoe sizes:            35 - 46 ( 5 w - 13,5 w)
Weigth Class:         40 - 80 kg (80 lbs -180 lbs)
Size:                     57,5 x 21 cm (22,6 x 8,3 inch)
Snowshoe weigth:  960g x 2  (2,10 lbs x 2)
Colour:                  dark grey