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TUBBS Flex ALP22 Womens 2018 Snowshoes

Available on date 10. Oktober 2018

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TUBBS Flex ALP22 Womens 2018 Snowshoes
The FLEX ALP is designed for use in extreme terrain. Thanks to the saw blade structure of the 3D traction rails and the ActiveLift 19 ° Steighilfe, he is able to cope with the steep, icy terrain. The new, streamlined soft top enhances control and maneuverability in delicate situations.

Flex Tail:
The ergonomic and biomechanically designed FLEX Tail ensures that the snowshoe absorbs shock from the heel and reduces the stress on the joints, allowing you to run longer and further with less strain.

Rotation Limiter:
Tubbs' advanced Torsion Deck ? design adapts to variable snow conditions underfoot. The soft top allows torsion articulation across the entire snowshoe, improving traction, biomechanics and comfort on uneven ground.

ActiveFLEX Binding:
The asymmetric ActiveFLEX-specific asymmetrical binding provides a perfect combination of control, support, comfort and ease of use with its patented Control Wings.
The binding for men suits to shoe size 46, the women's shoe size is 36 - 42.

Traction Rails:
The front carbon steel toe, ergonomically placed under the foot, maximizes the traction and reactivity while the curved 3D traction rails provide excellent grip on side slopes or on icy ground. Progressive, molded snow brakes on the soft top and Softstrike zone improve traction.

Viper 2.0 Stakes:
The anterior Viper ? 2.0 stainless steel toe with a jagged claw construction optimizes traction and improves responsiveness.

Technical data:        TUBBS Flex ALP22 Women
Weight class:            45 - 80 kg
Snowshoe size:         56 x 20 cm
Snowshoe Weight:    1810g (Pair)