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Turku Ja Turun Saaristo road map 1:150 000 2012

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Turku ja Turun Saaristo - Turku and the Turku Archipelago - road map 1:150.000
The map gives an extensive overview of the road conditions in the area of Turku and the Turku city ahead of the archipelago. This archipelago is considered one of the finest in the world. The archipelago consists of 20,000 islands, which extend up to 100 kilometers southwest of Turku into the sea. The largest of the islands are connected by bridges or ferries. The card features a detail of the area approximately from Taivassalo about Lokalahti, Mynämäki, Kyrö, Koski Tl Tuimala,  Salo, Perniö, Taalintehhdas, Hiittinen, Kyrklandet, Houtskari, Norrby and Kustavi. In addition, the map includes small maps of the inner cities of Turku, Salo and Naantali.

Legend contains:
Motorway, other dual carriageway, singel carriageway, other singel carriageway, unsurfaced roads, Road numbering, other roads, Mainstreets, privat streets, Tunnel, Roads under construction, Full and limited interchange, Distance major in kilometer, movable bridge, gate, Ferries, international car ferry harbour, Canal, Canal lock, Railway, Airport, Airfield, Fillingstation, Servicestation, open wilderness hut, Hotel, Motel, direct sales, Youth hostel, camping side, holiday village, Rest area, Museum, Monument, natural formation, point of interest for families, sports center, winter sports center, golf course, swimming pool, Nature information center, Nature trail, snowmobil track, Public hiking area, settlement, Industrial or storage area, view tower, mast, church, Field, wooded marsh, Contour lines 20m, Place-names, Boundaries

Languages: Finish, German, Swedish, English, Russian

Map folded: 12,5 x 23 cm, unfolded: 100 x 70 cm, printed on both sides

Edition 2012

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