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Yule Lad Figures - Set

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Yule Lad Figures - Set
This set contains all 16 members of the Yule Lad Familiy inculuding Mother Gryla, Dad Lepaludi and the Yule Lad Cat. All Figures are handpainted and sized from app 9 cm to 14 cm. The Figures are desisgned by well-know Brian Pilkington.

History of "Yule Lads"

In the 13 nights before christmas every night appears one Yule Lad from the famous troll family to bring presents for kids but only if they behaved well, if not they will get a potatoe. Kids leave them also presents in front of the house. Each Lad has his own characteristic and his special preferences. The 13 brothers (Stekkjastaur, Giljagaur, Stúfur, Þvörusleikir, Pottaskefill, Askasleikir, Hurðaskellir, Skyrgámur, Bjúgnakrækir, Gluggagægir, Gáttaþefur, Ketkrókur, Kertasníkir) live with their rigorous mother Gryla, their lazy father Lappaludi and with the Yule cat in a dark cave in icelandic highlands. Only on christmas Gryla allow them to visit the humans. So every day one of them arrives in the human homes. Not to imaging what chaos would appear if all 13 would arrive in one day. The Yule Lads are very famous in Iceland and every icelandic child knows them very well.

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